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Build a portfolio or project to get you hired

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This event held on January 22nd, was a repeat for me. The event was again held at Clevyr,, a company I do admire and have applied to before. The event had a Chinese New Year theme and I brought the usual green tea to share.

A panel of advisors was available to answer questions related to the topic of 'Build a portfolio or project to get you hired.' Questions such as ' What are the key considerations for building a portfolio or project that will stand out to potential employers? ' and ' How can you effectively showcase the skills you have gained with your portfolio or project to demonstrate your particular role at a company? ' Answers were given with audience participation. What an informative panel of web design development enthusiasts!

That's when I realized I have already coded projects such as these. Look at the coding I did with this GitHub spring integration!

I had an original idea of building a health application to track and organize food choices and nutrition. This was part of an online application development course. The spring development was integrated with this project to show coding ability.

Later on, I decided to add a code version of my résume to GitHub.

This allowed for faster updates and again proves coding ability.

After a certain number of interviews to development positions with no final offer, I decided the missing component was a javascript framework. I signed up for an OKC Coders course, React-GraphQL-Redwood.js.

I had worked and studied javascript frameworks before, such as twitter bootstrap. Yet, thought having a formal education and certificate would further prove my capabilities to the development community. In addition, I completed the ' Front End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4,' course on Coursera.

The event helped me realize I had much earlier examples of application and front end web development in my portfolio as well. Such as, a social application with a large database that was built to sell monthly memberships to OKC consumers, and a large corporate application redesign project. Certifications such as these have been completed.

  1. Google Analytics for Power Users

  2. Google Foundations in User Experience (UX) Design

  3. Front End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4

  4. SEO for Beginners' with Yoast Academy for WordPress

  5. Fit to Learn: IT Design Thinking,' MyInnerGenius, IBM SkillsBuild

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