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Adobe Max

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

When watching the Adobe Max Conference keynote with Shantanu Narayen,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe, I became intrigued with the new announcements. Here is the synopsis.

  • Adobe Sensei is about anticipating and solving problems. Enabling anyone, anywhere, to tell their story.

  • Adobe Express will be provided to non-profits.

  • Figma was acquired to advance product design, accelerate creativity on the web and reimagine the future of creativity, productivity and combat misinformation.

Adobe Max. What started out as a small group of designers and developers is now amplifying the power of creativity, art and science.

The presentation with David Wadhwani, the President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, shared his enthusiasm. He stated, 'It is amazing to see how much the industry has changed in 20 years. We are living in a time where creativity has never been more valued. The future of this industry creates amazing opportunities, but also many challenges.'