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Adobe Max

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

When watching the Adobe Max Conference keynote with Shantanu Narayen,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe, I became intrigued with the new announcements. Here is the synopsis.

  • Adobe Sensei is about anticipating and solving problems. Enabling anyone, anywhere, to tell their story.

  • Adobe Express will be provided to non-profits.

  • Figma was acquired to advance product design, accelerate creativity on the web and reimagine the future of creativity, productivity and combat misinformation.

Adobe Max. What started out as a small group of designers and developers is now amplifying the power of creativity, art and science.

The presentation with David Wadhwani, the President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, shared his enthusiasm. He stated, 'It is amazing to see how much the industry has changed in 20 years. We are living in a time where creativity has never been more valued. The future of this industry creates amazing opportunities, but also many challenges.'

Adobe Express allows you to create content that stands out.

'Creating with AI is like dreaming out loud. ' — Gavin Miller, Adobe Researcher

AI should enhance human creativity, not replace it. It should benefit creators, not replace them.
  • You can now ask Sensei to turn day into night with one click utilizing neurofilters.

  • Adobe Sensei allows us to express creative ideas more conveniently.

  • Adobe Express allows you to create content that stands out.

  • Doubling down on collaboration. Share for review capabilities.

The presentation with Scott Belsky sums up the capabilities of Adobe Express.

  • Precision & Superpowers - AI isn't just about saving time. It is about doing things you never dreamed were possible. The ability to create for 3D and immersive experiences. Substance 3D has allowed for these capabilities.

  • Speed & Ease - Adobe Express is allowing us to create with speed.

  • Collaborative Creativity - Every creative project has many stakeholders. Adobe is building a less complicated way to organize the process.

Danielle Morimoto and Bria Alexander present the share for review and creative features in InDesign and Illustrator. Danielle discusses the brand-new intertwine feature. This feature offers a more efficient way to combine an object with text on various layers without a clipping path. Bria gave examples of creative collaboration with share for review.

Paul Trani shares his thoughts on Adobe Express and 3D graphic design.

Creative pros today have to be capable of doing many things and doing them fast.

Adobe is bringing real time multi-collaboration to Express. It has dozens of photo editing tools. Seamlessly open your project in another program, such as Photoshop. Make your changes and then reopen in Express.

Paul then shares the power of 3D Graphic Design. The 3D Modeler for PC only, right now. 3D allows the designer to save a .sbsar file.Then it allows you to create a composite. The software is similiar to Photoshop, only with 3D capabilities.

Scott Belsky introduces the integration with Adobe Express and WIX. A partnership in creativity. He announces features in Premiere Pro.

In a world of social media and misinformation the (CAI), Content Authenticity Initiative, focuses on who made the content and how.
In the world of generative AI, the (CAI) Content Authenticity Initiative allows us to determine what was created by a human vs. a machine.

CAI tells us who's story we are experiencing.

Adobe implemented In this solution you can circle part of the video in Premiere Pro. Then you know what frame the viewer is referring to.

Dylan Field presents Figma, a platform for product development teams.

Figma started 10 years prior with the belief that product design work should live in the browser.

We are in the middle of a multi-decade shift from a physical economy to a digital economy.

Giovanni discusses Virtual Reality. VR offers the ability to switch modes.

Wes McDermott discusses Adobe 3D Substance painter.

Karina Anglada shares updated features in video. A repeat about how is integrated in Adobe Premiere software. Jason Levine shares how easy it is to add markups and comments within the video software. Emery Wells shares how camera to web has revolutionized video work.

A presentation with Coca-Cola shares how they already utilize these techniques to keep the creative energy going.

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