Guthrie Depot

A mixed media (acrylic painting, pastel, marker) piece based on a photograph of the train arriving at the depot. View at Home Sweet Home on the Range (Guthrie, OK).

Abstract Sun

Abstract acrylic and water painting. First displayed at Hancock Gallery in Guthrie, OK.

Blue Snail Lily Pad Star

Collage on 4" x 4" canvas. "Blue Snail Lily Pad Star"

Red Cannas

Acrylic abstract red canna flowers on black board.

Cancun Turtle in a Glass Swamp

Collage on 4" x 4" canvas. "Cancun Turtle in a Glass Swamp"

La Boheme Expressionistic

La Boheme in acrylic and pastel, based on an Italian opera.

We'll Always Have Paris

Collage on 4" x 4" canvas. "We'll always have Paris."

Rainbow Portrait

An acrylic painting of my mother.